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Created on 2011-06-14 13:04:07 (#914591), last updated 2013-02-18 (321 weeks ago)

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Name:Self-Help Support & Resources
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:fictive & empowered plural-friendly community for selfhelp resources & support
This journal is a place where anyone is welcome to make friends with others going through mental health issues and self-help therapy, as well as using the resources provided here-in to supplement therapy with a therapist. :)

This journal is welcome to all to input resources and is singlet, plural and fictive-friendly as well as those with formal diagnosis or suspected self-diagnosis. We also are friendly to proponents of natural medicine as well as those who are in therapy and rely on psychiatric medications. Or those who run with a combination of all of the above. :)

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Resource Sites
DBT Self Help. Com
Get Self Help. Co. UK
Anxiety BC. Com

[ profile] be_dialectical - a moderated recovery-focused LiveJournal community for those who want to work with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Skills in a tight-knit group. PM [ profile] awakeunderappls with why you want to join, after requesting to join. (trigger warning is at poster discretion, lj-cuts only mandatory for long posts/large pictures; community exercises are usually not screen-reader accessible)

[ profile] _asylum_ - an asylum-themed community created for those with various mental health issues (and those without) built on the premise that everyone deserves a place to sound-off in, no matter what their issues. (trigger warning is at poster discretion, lj-cuts not mandatory)

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